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About Snow Fresh

Snow Fresh - Natural Holding Tank Treatment

Mission Statement

Our vision is to provide the best products nature has to offer and to treat others as we would like to be treated.


Snow Fresh is a natural holding tank treatment that produces a waste product that is RV Park waste water compatible and will not harm the friendly bacteria present in septic or aerobic sewer systems. Snow Fresh contains:

NO Formaldeyde

NO Methyl Alcohol

NO Blue Dye

NO Artificial Colors

NO Toxic Substances


Snow Fresh can be used to clean and freshen the toilet bowl before dumping into the holding tank and will not cause the burning eyes and health problems associated with carcinogenic products. Snow Fresh concentrated dual action blend costs less per treatment and lasts longer than bacterial or enzymatic odor control products that don't work well without the continual addition of new organic matter.  has unique dual action staying power continues working, avoiding the embarrassing odor problems of a boat or RV holding tank that has been setting idle for extended periods.

Mailing Address:
Snowfresh, Inc.
P.O. Box 1200
Bakersville, NC 28705

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